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Fusion Massage services offered in Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

Fusion massage blends Thai and Shiatsu techniques to give you the best of two great Eastern modalities. At Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the team of asian bodywork specialists offer fusion massage for tension release, grounding, and whole-body well-being. Book your appointment online or call the office to arrange your fusion massage today. 

  • 60 - min $105
Fusion Massage Q&A

What is a fusion massage?

Fusion massage blends Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques. The combination of the two Eastern medicine approaches offers a truly restorative experience. 


Thai massage

Thai massage involves light direct pressure (acupressure) and gentle stretching to deliver bodywide relaxation. It can also ease pain and improve your range of motion. 


Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage involves acupressure at specific points on the body. These points, the body’s meridians, are energy channels. The Shiatsu technique balances the flow of energy and clears blockages. This type of massage boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, which eases tension and fights fatigue. 

The combination of two special techniques can give you tension release, grounding, and whole-person well-being for an excellent overall massage experience. 

What is the process for a fusion massage?

You’ll wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing during a fusion massage. The massage is deeply relaxing thanks to its fluid and rhythmic movements, with many patients calling the massage a meditative experience. 

You’ll discuss the pressure level (light, medium, or firm touch and pressure) with the massage therapist ahead of the treatment session to make sure it accomplishes your goals. 

Thai and Shiatsu fusion massages are 60 minutes long.

When should I schedule a fusion massage?

Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care can recommend a massage approach according to your current needs. Generally, a fusion massage is a good choice if you’re looking for tension release, grounding, and overall well-being. It’s truly a blend of mind, body, and spirit approaches for whole-body wellness. 

If your main goal is complete relaxation, but you’re less concerned about grounding and tension release, a relaxation massage like the signature massage or hot stone massage could be the right choice for you. 

If you have a medical condition causing severe pain, for example a pinched nerve, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, a medical massage is usually a better fit.

The Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care team offers massages tailored for every patient’s personal needs, so they can customize your fusion massage to help you get the best results. 

Ready to learn more about fusion massage or want to schedule your session? Call the Ravenswood office of Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care or click on the provided online scheduler to get the best in massage therapy today.